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Some information about our company….

We are first and foremost flight simulation enthusiasts’/addicts! We love FSX! We want it to be better and better! So we have been working diligently on a new product that will help achieve the #1 goal for anyone using FSX – Realworld Photo-real ground scenery!

We are just like you, we want to see out the window and look down upon the real world. Fsx is an incredibly great flight simulator with so many possibilities and so many wonderful add-ons, but the #1 problem with the whole program – from the very beginning- Is the lack of realistic ground scenery. Its always been the #1 thing we’ve wanted to see improved upon.

And Now its possible to fly the entire WORLD over the realworld ground! To look out the window of your aircraft and recognize where you are using landmarks, roads, highways and cities!!

It was the last hurdle to be overcome in the flight simulation world.

And unlike some of our competition in the scenery market, our photo realistic scenery even offers WINTER SEASON! So – YES – SNOW ON THE GROUND IN PHOTO REAL!



There is one thing to discuss here about image quality variations between different states. We need to make it clear that Realworld scenery is only as good as the original imagery that is available to create it from and we are at the mercy of such sources. It is a huge and very expensive undertaking for those government agencies who take the aerial photos and it is taking time for all systems to be fully refined such that quality of all imagery across all states is uniform. If you’re expecting perfectly seamless terrain across all regions and states, its just not possible. We create our scenery from the latest and best data sources that are available at the time and its just an actual representation of what the real world looks like. As developments in aerial photography may occur, we should be considered lucky to have such awe inspiring scenery to fly at this time.


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© 2015 Realworld Scenery. All Rights Reserved.  Microsoft and Flight Simulator are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Realworld Scenery is a third party add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and is not created by Microsoft. Outside of the ability of this product to be used with Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Microsoft has no affiliation with this product.

Realworld Scenery is to be used for PC flight simulation only purely for entertainment purposes. It is not intended to be used for or as a substitute for official flight training with a certified flight instructor.